Application for a Debt Busters Discovery Session

Please complete the following questionnaire as the first step in preparation for your Debt Buster Discovery Session.

Important! It is a well-known fact that when we have a burning desire to get or achieve something and this goal/result/object is valuable to us, we always find a way to get it. And the opposite, if we didn’t find the way to get it, we didn’t have a burning desire and didn’t see the value.

  • ✔ Do you have a burning desire to achieve freedom from debt?
  • ✔ Is paying off your debt valuable to you?


This is NOT a free coaching session. Please do not apply if all you want to do is to talk about your debt problem but not to solve it.

This Debt Buster Discover Session is for you and Irina to constructively discuss your debt challenge and find out if you and Irina's spiritual mentoring are a good fit for both of you.

Be prepared to honestly look at yourself and your financial situation.

If you feel comfortable with Irina and see the value in what she offers, be prepared to make a financial and spiritual commitment.

  • ✔ Are you prepared to make a financial commitment -- if you see the value and believe that Irina will help you -- which means you are committed to find the money to invest in your transformation?
  • ✔ Are you prepared to make a spiritual commitment, which means to do the homework, to show up for the sessions and to be accountable?


If you answer yes to all four questions, please fill out the questionnaire below. If you are qualified, Irina will schedule a Skype session with you via email.

Important! If you haven’t received a response from Irina within 48 hours (excluding weekends), please email Irina at