Debt Buster 1

The Spiritual Meaning of Debt

Handouts for Debt Buster 1

1. Spiritual Principles Handout
Download HERE

2. Debt Busters Miracle Manifesting Handout
Download HERE


1. Account Statements

  • Print your statements from all accounts you have debts on.
  • Write down Balance is 0 across each statement.
  • Write down Thank you, God! Put the date by which you expect to pay this account off.
  • On the opposite side, write down:

Thank you, God, for the Divine Fulfillment and the Divine Achievement. It’s done. It’s now manifested as 0 balance.

2. Negative Self-Observation

Get a small notebook and for the whole week be diligent in recording all your negative thoughts and words about your finances and your business, personal, other people’s, world at large, economy, and everything else related to money in any form.

At the end of the week, write down what you have discovered about yourself.

3. Watch Beauty and the Beast (American movie 2017) due by session 7. Is there a spiritual message(s) in this movie that pertains to you? Email to Irina your spiritual interpretation of the movie. State all spiritual messages and meanings you have perceived in the movie.